Hilton’s Website

Hilton’s website is a constantly evolving digital product that represents 18 brands and nearly 6000 properties. It’s a giant distribution channel and a trusted touchpoint for Hilton’s customers.

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Our Approach

Sites this size don’t get redesigned as a project. They are long-term, ongoing engagements. Our experience design team approached this work by focusing on our user’s biggest problems. Years of research and feedback gave us the insights to understand where their primary points of friction occurred. Our strategy was to use their perspective to guide how and what we designed

Integrating Research

With a wealth of research and analytics on how users behaved in the past, we wanted to regularly leverage our XDR partners to help us understand evolving problems and needs as well as validate the usability and product market fit of our work.

My role on this included facilitating workshops, a little prototyping, as well as leading the design, UX, and content strategy teams.