I'm John Lloyd. I build and lead enterprise design teams.

My workdays unfold at Hilton where I focus on digital product design. I also love to take on the occasional freelance creative project.


The following works are the collaborative efforts of nearly a hundred individual designers converged into the teams I've built and led. As the architect of our design practice. I've delivered my fair share of work along the way but my largest contribution has been designing design teams.



Hilton’s website is a constantly evolving digital product that represents 22 brands and over 7000 hotel properties. It’s a giant distribution channel and a trusted touchpoint for Hilton’s customers.

Hilton Honors Mobile Apps

With tools like digital checkin, digital key, messaging, and partnerships with Lyft, Hilton’s award-winning mobile apps are the center of a guests digital experience on property and the home of many of Hilton’s digital innovations over the recent years.

Hiltons Connected Room Experience

Travelers increasingly expect an experience as good as, and ideally better than, what they are accustomed to at home. Hilton’s Connected Room lets guests connect to all of their own content as well as use their mobile devices to control television programming, lighting, and more.

Hilton Search & Book

A critical part of Hilton's customer journey consists of the tools built to guide guests through the search and booking process.

Dysly reader

Dysly is a free chrome extension that includes features to help people with dyslexia read and work on the internet with minimal disruption to intended content and designs. The goal is to help kids and adults with any learning disability or reading fluency gain confidence, improve the overall experience of reading online, work with minimal disruption, and customize their own digital preferences.

I designed and developed this app as a solo project.

St Jude Website

St. Jude is leading the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Let's start creating together

Let's start creating together

Let's start creating together