Hilton’s Website

Hilton’s website is a constantly evolving digital product that represents 18 brands and nearly 6000 properties. It’s a giant distribution channel and a trusted touchpoint for Hilton’s customers. Visit Hilton.com Our Approach Sites this size don’t get redesigned as a project. They are long-term, ongoing engagements. Our experience design team approached this work by focusing on […]

Hilton Honors Mobile Apps

With tools like digital checkin, digital key, explore, messaging, and partnerships with Lyft, Hilton’s award-winning mobile apps are the center of a guests digital experience on property and the home of many of Hilton’s digital innovations over the recent years. Visit The Hilton Honors Mobile Apps Our Approach Mobile apps give us an opportunity to serve […]

Connected Room by Hilton

Travelers increasingly expect an experience as good as, and ideally better than, what they are accustomed to at home. Hilton’s Connected Room lets guests connect to all of their own content as well as use their mobile devices to control television programming, lighting, and more. Visit newsroom.hilton.com

St. Jude Website

Partnering with digital teams from the hospital, our team of designers and UI developers collaborated on a the redesign of stjude.org and the CMS to drive the site. Visit Stjude.org

St. Jude Peer to Peer Fundraising

As a lead designer and UI developer for St. Jude’s peer-to-peer fundraising product, I worked with a small team to deliver tools for millions of fundraisers across the country Visit St. Jude Heroes

St. Jude Dream Home

I led a design team that built a seamless experience for donors as part of the 2016 St. Jude Dream Home fundraising campaign. Design Brief This program was very successful offline. We needed to make the digital experience as clear and frictionless as purchasing a ticket on the phone. User Behavior Based on our existing […]